At Harbehband Paris, we understand that organizing events can be exciting, but the consequences can be overwhelming. That’s where our pre- and post-event cleaning services come in to make planning your event stress-free.

Cleanliness and tidiness before and after your events: a key asset for your image and a fundamental factor in guest satisfaction. Why choose us?

Before the event

Before your event, our professional cleaning team will ensure that your venue is in perfect condition. We will : Thoroughly clean and disinfect event areas. Design seating areas and decorations. Remove any debris or clutter. Make sure sanitary facilities are spotless. Respond to all special cleaning requests. Thanks to our meticulous attention to detail, you can be sure that your event space will be welcoming and ready for your guests.

After the event

Once your event is over, our team will efficiently clean and restore the venue to its original state. We will : Remove decorations and furniture. Proper waste disposal and recycling. Thoroughly clean and disinfect the event area. Restore order and cleanliness. Our aim is to leave your venue in pristine condition, so you can concentrate on making your event a success.

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Our areas of intervention



Private parties


Trade shows

Art exhibitions



Sports events

Public events

Our services

Pre-event cleaning

Cleaning up after the event

Installation of safety barriers and waste garbage cans

Waste management and recycling

Washroom cleaning

Cleaning of catering areas

Cleaning reception areas

Parking lot cleaning

Disinfection services

Outdoor cleaning

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